Virtual Earth ASP.NET Controls Released!

WOOHOO! Finally we’ve released the Virtual Earth ASP.NET Controls (Angus, and Live Side have the news).  Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control – CTP Release The control basically makes it much easier to get data from your database onto the map.  Before, it was difficult to do because you would need to get the data into…


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 shipping this week and other tidbits

Announcements aplenty at TechEd 2008 in Orlando today.  Somasegar’s been writing about his keynote with Bill Gates and Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is shipping this week with a go-live license for production! This means you can legally land apps in production even though it’s beta code – I guess this helps get us round the…


Mashed 08

The BBC and Microsoft are running a developer event in London called Mashed 08.  It’s a free gig and Microsoft has just released its tickets so make sure you register for them soon if you are interested in attending.  The synopsis looks fun: Mashed – it’s Hack Day time again and this year we’ve got…


Bit of a result: Microsoft platform is best to develop web apps on

Well I never.  Having been at the Future of Web Apps conference last year and hearing a "leading" web 2.0 company say they had no idea what Microsoft had in the form of authentication and identity APIs having reeled of options from Google, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, (insert other web 2.0 company here).  Clue = LIVE…


Web Harmony – where designers and developers kiss and make up

I had the pleasure to visit the set of a filming session for a Microsoft advert last month – even got a bit of behind the scene filming done on the making of the advert!  Anyway this week the advert got published and I think the end result is pretty good! Take a look at…


DreamSpark – Free software for students

Bill Gates has just announced free developer, designer and server products for Students.  DreamSpark allows students to download Visual Studio, Expression, XNA Game Studio and Windows Server for free.  Here’s the Channel 8 interview with Bill. Bill Gates talks about Free Software, Students, and Technology For more information on DreamSpark check out this link.


IMM Core Ontology 1.0

I’ve talked about IMM (Interactive Media Manager) before – it’s software based on SharePoint that helps you manage your digital assets (think companies like the BBC or Sky for example).  If you are developing software that works with IMM you might be interested in the IMM Core Ontology.  This describes all the objects that IMM…


Building an app that uses Office documents? Win an Xbox!

If you’re a partner or company developing an application that does stuff with Office documents – saving, loading, storing – whatever, then you might want to consider building it with OpenXML built in.  Why would you do this?  Two reasons really.  We’re running a competition to find the best apps that utilise Open XML.  If…


Mix UK Videos Up

Woah been a busy past couple of weeks.  Been doing Windows Server 2008 events up and down the country and moved apartment so been up to my eyeballs!  Although I didn’t move far it was fairly stressful and I’m now left with a weekend of unpacking.  Oh and joy, there was no BT phone line…


Getting started with Live Services and Virtual Earth

I just finished putting together some info for a partner who was interested in learning how and why to develop their applications incorporating Live Services and Virtual Earth etc.  I thought you might be interested, so here it is: Virtual Earth Interactive SDK Silverlight Airlines Routes Demo Service Level Agreement for Virtual Earth…