XAML, it sounds like "camel"

Robby Ingebretsen from Identity Mine presented at the Microsoft Designer Utopia event today in London and showed off an application they had created – Roxio Studio 9.5 – that shows off the WPF framework and significantly improves the user experience over the previous version of the Roxio app. I like the way Robby painted the picture of the project…


Whistle-stop tour of Expression Web Designer

Scoble has posted this really nice demo of Expression Web Designer by the product manager.  Wayne Smith menions “standards” at least four or five times in the first two minutes – looks like they’ve put creating compliant web sites at the center of the product.  I’m happy, as an ex-web designer, I know how getting…


Give Microsoft feedback on the Windows User Interface

I just got an email from corp asking me for feedback on the Windows User Interface.  It asked me to see what friends, family and colleagues thought about it.  I’d thought it would be good to get your input too!  Here are the questions they asked: We need your help before November 1st with a research…


BBC Vista Demo

Something that was demoed a while back at the Mix06 event was the BBC gadget running on Vista.  It shows off the Presentation Foundation brilliantly and it’s great to see a UK partner like the BBC pioneering Vista through our early adopter program. Check out the demo and then if you’re a software developer make…


I want my desktop to look beautiful, even if I can’t see it

    At the moment I’m on training in Paris, learning about advanced .NET & all things code-like.  One of the fellow delegates who also works at Microsoft UK is Saqib Shaikh who sits in the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) group as a developer.  One of his main passions is accessibility for computers because he’s…


Getting started with Windows Presentation Foundation

I was recently asked where the best place to get started with WPF is.  I automatically directed the person who asked me to the official .NET 3.0 website over here: http://wpf.netfx3.com/.  It’s a great resource that will help you understand about the foundation and the possibilities it gives developers from a user interface perspective. For…


CSS Fixes in IE7

In my previous life I was a developer.  I did a lot of work on web applications which meant I had the joy of working frequently with CSS and spent many wasted hours getting the appearance of applications just right in multiple browsers on different platforms. IE has been heavily criticised in the past for…


Give us your Vista Feedback

Have you been testing Vista?  Firstly, thankyou – we value your time and effort!  Secondly, make sure you let us know about your experience at the Customer Experience Scenario Voting site here: http://windowsbeta.microsoft.com/vista/setup.aspx?e=1 There are a couple of scenarios given where different features in Vista are used.  As you read through them you have the opportunity…


Photography Features in Vista

There are some excellent features in Vista that will excite the photographic users among us.  Check out Barb Bowman’s article to find out what they are and how you can use them to manage your digital image collections more easily and more powerfully than ever before using Windows Vista.


Vista – photo friendly

There’s a great post over at the Microsoft Photography Blog which describes how Vista manages your photos – in particular how you make changes and edits to your photos.  You know, when you rotate, fix red eye, resize & crop – that kind of stuff. Basically, Vista saves a copy of your original photo upon…