Extending the Mesh Cloud

One of the common questions I’ve been getting from developers and IT guys about Mesh is how we are planning to get the infrastructure, storage and platform in Mesh delivered in an on-premise scenario so that individuals or businesses can take advantage of the Mesh capabilities yet retain control over their data and devices rather…


Behind the scenes at PDC: The Keynote Timelapse

I’ve just uploaded this cool video which I got hold of internally that shows how the PDC08 keynote room was assembled, used and broken down in under 6 minutes.  It’s quite impressive how it all comes together, just for a few hours of presentations! I recommend putting some music on in the background whilst you…


PDC Swag

How much swag was there at PDC? Lots. T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Bags, books, magazines etc.  Turns out there was quite a bit leftover too.  Here’s Jeannine wrestling with a box of water bottles! All this stuff will be going out to Microsoft offices around the world and then onto partners and customers.  If you are…


Behind the keynote at PDC

Ever wondered what’s it like behind the scenes in the keynote room at PDC? Nick Lansley from Tesco snapped a few photos whilst waiting for his demo at the conference.  I wonder how this compares to backstage when BBC covers something like the FA Cup or similar? Check them out: See the full set on…


More PDC 2008 Stats

Jennifer Ritzinger just sent out an email giving even more juicy stats on the hardware and food required to pull off the conference.  Given the popularity of the last PDC 2008 stats post I thought you might like to get the lowdown on what keeps 6000 geeks ticking over both from a sustenance and technology…


PDC 2008 in Stats

Countdown@PDC: Day 4 Recap Mike Swanson, Jennifer Ritzinger and their teams did an absolutely amazing job on PDC 2008.  I’ve just been watching their closing thoughts on PDC and they gave out some interesting stats! Running a conference like this is quite an operation as the guys will tell you! Networking Operations Center 7 rolling…


Microsoft Research: where computing changes the world

At the keynote this morning at PDC 2008 Rick Rashid talked about Microsoft Research and how an inspired decision 17 years ago has led to the premier research facility in the field of computer science. With my background having graduated with a degree in computer science, it’s fascinating to see the scale they have achieved. …


Live Blogging goes big at PDC

Long and the crew are all over the Live Blogging here at PDC.  Long tells me that during the keynote yesterday they had 3000 viewers – nice work!  Check them out again today and make sure you have the live video stream open too here: http://microsoftpdc.com/Default.aspx


6000 geeks in a room

Loving gholzer’s Panorama of the PDC keynote this morning – check out the full size 9883 x 1356 image here. Can you spot me? (tip I have the best seat in the house, with my back to the camera and have a grey t-shirt on) – good luck! 🙂


Need some help understanding Windows Azure?

Did the keynote at PDC leave questions unanswered about Windows Azure?  I would recommend checking out some of these newly published Channel 9 videos to help get your head around the new platform and answer some of those questions you might have. Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure Steve Marx- Windows Azure for Developers John Shewchuk…