London Web Administration Summit – IIS 7.0 on the menu

I’ll be at this shindig – see you there! 23 May 2007, London: Web Administration Summit – An In-depth Look at Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 in Windows Server “Longhorn” Microsoft Windows Server code name “Longhorn” is the next generation of the Windows server operating system that helps IT managers maximise control over their infrastructure….


Longhorn Group Policy Enhancements

With Longhorn slated for release later this year, administrators will be keen to read about what enhancements it brings to the table – particularly when working with Windows Vista on the client end.  Some of the different things you are going to see with regards to Group Policy include: Network location awareness Smarter policies that…


How to detect Vista and Longhorn with WMI Filters

This ones for the IT admins out there.  When applying Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in active directory using WMI Filters, you can figure out whether a computer is running Vista or Longhorn Server by using the following queries: For Vista  SELECT Version, ProductType FROM Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version >= ‘6’ AND ProductType = ‘1’ For Longhorn Server…


Vista and Longhorn Server: Better Together

So hopefully you are all familiar with Windows Vista but what you might not have heard about is the next Windows Server platform which is looming in the background.  This is code-named “Longhorn Server” and is just about to hit Beta 3 with a release to manufacturing RTM next year. So why are these two…


Windows Server "Longhorn" Webcasts

Maximize control over IT infrastructure: Help your customers enjoy a more secure, reliable, robust server environment with the Windows Server code name “Longhorn” operating system. Two new webcasts cover how to ensure system health with Network Access Protection >, and how Terminal Services can help reduce desktop management overhead, increase security, and help with compliance…