Client or the Cloud?

Paisano writes a punchy post about the death of desktop apps that I commented on and I wanted to share a bit more insight into where we’re taking the concept of Mesh in order to solve some of the problems that he identified. Whilst the browser is great for some types of apps like collaboration,…


Announcing the Live Framework Explorer for Visual Studio

At PDC back in October we launched the Live Framework into CTP and with that we provided a cool tool called the Live Framework Resource Model Browser which you could use to explore the data that you stored in the Mesh.  The tool was good but limited.  It was difficult to navigate the data, find…


Live Framework SDK and Tools April CTP

What is the Live Framework? – see my video on Channel 9 Bit late to the press with this one, but that’s because I’ve been working on some way cool stuff for next week at Mix 🙂 The Live Framework SDK and Tools April CTP has just been launched!  Not really sure why they launched…


Live Services Jumpstart Training Videos

Couldn’t make it to the Live Services Jumpstart training earlier this year?  Don’t fret, we’ve just published the recordings from these sessions on the Live Services Developer Portal. Go download, learn, enjoy and create wonderful things:


Mesh and the Imagine Cup

  This year Mesh is in the thick of the action with the Imagine Cup 2009!  This year the competition is in Egypt and we’re excited about the cool apps that students are going to build using the Live Framework and Mesh Services, Contacts and Profiles. Here’s the scoop on Mesh from the Imagine Cup…


Live Framework Tools January CTP

The Live Framework Tools are for Visual Studio and make it very easy to build, upload and debug Mesh-enabled Web Apps in the Live Desktop in the cloud.  On Friday the team did a new drop of the tools which is called the Live Framework Tools January CTP.  To download and do anything useful with…


Running Mesh Beta Client at the same time as Live Framework CTP Client

For those of you who are busy developing applications for Mesh using Live Framework, you will be aware of the problem that until now you couldn’t run the Mesh Beta Client at the same time as the Live Framework CTP.  Fortunately, we’ve put together a workaround that allows your to run both alongside one another…


New Live Services sessions released for Mix09!

  Dr Angus and I have been working hard on new sessions for Mix.  Some of them have been published today over here: Make sure you register early and I’ll see you in Vegas! 🙂 Mesh-Enabled Web Applications Come learn how to extend your existing Web applications and get them to live and breathe…


Trouble logging into

Running up to Christmas we dished out quite a few new Live Mesh Tokens to people who were waiting in the line.  To sign up for a developer account (enabling you to code against Live Mesh and Live Framework) you needed to visit (The Azure Services Developer Portal) and redeem your tokens. If at…


Live Framework Walkthrough Guides

This week I’ve been exploring more and more of the Live Framework and playing around with building some demos and samples.  To help me out I’ve found the Live Framework Walkthrus really useful: Walkthrough Resource Model and Feeds Walkthrough MeshApp Walkthrough Extending the Resource Model Walkthrough DotNet Toolkit You can download them from here:…