Microsoft UK Bloggers bring home the gold

In what I can only liken to Great Britain’s current haul at the Olympics, Microsoft UK bloggers have won multiple awards across different categories in the Computer World Blogging awards 2008.  Congratulations to Steve Clayton’s “Geek in Disguise” blog won the “Company Blogs” category Jason Langridge’s “Mr Mobile” blog won the “Wireless and Mobile Blogs”…


Plumbb – read my blog roll

I’ve had a list of links to blogs I frequently read since I began writing posts about three years ago.  It’s a kind of recognition to those who inspire and influence me so that others can become inspired and read more too.  Now the guys from Plumbb have come up with a neat way for…


Geek Dinner with Scoble and Dave Winer

Tonight I’ll be at the Coach and Horses in Soho knocking back a few glasses of Blue Monster wine with some fellow geeks.  There’s some photo walking going on at 9.30pm if you want to join.  Check out the location here:


Leaving Microsoft…

when this happens…. 🙂


Social Bookmarking Plugin

Thanks to Scott who pointed out a rather tasty plugin for Live Writer that adds Social Bookmarking tags to your blog post automatically – nice.  This chap is responsible for it and the first thing I did was modify the text files that come with it to include Facebook 🙂  Here’s the text you need…


Windows Live Writer British-English Dictionary

Are you the kind of person who likes to specialise/specialize your dictionary for writing blog posts using British English?  I.e. without so many “z” and spelling “colour” correctly? Then I would recommend checking out Scott’s blog post on how to install a British Dictionary.  Nice work Scott! Now, don’t even get me started on Vista’s…


Channel 9 gets a new look

Channel 9 has a new look which is in beta and it is very good.  They’ve moved away from the Lego feel and to a more clean look and feel more akin to Channel 10.  Some of the banner images they’ve got featuring the Channel 9 guy are pretty funny including the parody of the…


Live Writer Gadget

  Scott has been beavering away at a gadget to assist in the creation of blog posts using Windows Live Writer (my tool of choice for blogging).  It’s still early days but he’s on to a good thing here – make sure you check it out by visiting his site here:!FE151030F50B5B37!239.entry   Technorati tags: Live…


RSS: more than just a tool for blogs

Blogging in my team is really gathering momentum and we’re finding that more and more people we talk to are understanding the value of RSS feeds (which is a popular way to consume blogs) and how this new medium can help manage the “drinking from a firehose” when it comes to taking on information in this…


Woah there cowboy, you’ve got information overload!

Ok I have waaaaay too much information coming at me in every direction. I need to cut back on my information addiction… I went to “Informatics Anonymous” last week (saw my boss and Matt there) and got the following things of my chest: I’m subscribed to 30 internal email distribution lists – ranging from Vista…