Imagine a killer Live Services app – win a pass to Mix09

This year I’m in the privileged position of being involved in possibly the greatest conference the world has ever seen.  Yes, I’m talking about Mix09 – Microsoft’s annual web conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  This year’s conference is being held 18-20th Match and promises to be a stunning affair with jar dropping…


(Belated) Happy 25th Birthday Mac

I’ve been meaning to say happy birthday to the Apple Mac for the past few weeks and finally got round to it.  Apple were a part of my life from an early age (my dad worked in the UK office) and as kids growing up we got our grubby paws on all sorts of cool…


Live Services Jumpstart Training Videos

Couldn’t make it to the Live Services Jumpstart training earlier this year?  Don’t fret, we’ve just published the recordings from these sessions on the Live Services Developer Portal. Go download, learn, enjoy and create wonderful things:

The Microsoft Store

About bloody time. Hooray!  Microsoft are going to do retail stores.  I think every Microsoft employee has at one time thought about starting one of these up, I know I did!


Live Services How Do I Videos

Now in embedded flavor right here on the blog, enjoy: If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME

Azure Services “How Do I” Videos

Get your head around the Azure Services Platform in the videos we’ve just released on MSDN.  We’ve got Windows Azure courtesy of Dr Aiken, .NET Services courtesy of Sir Nigel Watling and Live Services on the scene thanks to myself and Angus Logan. Get the downloads here: We’ll be posting more videos very, very…


Custom Branding for Live ID authentication and Data Portability

We announced a couple of cool things today on the back of Safer Internet Day which was yesterday and the Open ID UX summit which took place in Silicon Valley too.  Custom Branding for Live ID Authentication Legitimate developer libraries for moving address book data around Custom Branding The upside of this is that users…

Azure Services Training Kit

Last week we released the Azure Services Platform Training Kit.  There’s content aplenty including Decks, Demos and Labs – so much goodness it’s almost untrue! Here’s the a la carte menu: The Azure Services Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you…

Mesh and the Imagine Cup

  This year Mesh is in the thick of the action with the Imagine Cup 2009!  This year the competition is in Egypt and we’re excited about the cool apps that students are going to build using the Live Framework and Mesh Services, Contacts and Profiles. Here’s the scoop on Mesh from the Imagine Cup…

Live Framework Tools January CTP

The Live Framework Tools are for Visual Studio and make it very easy to build, upload and debug Mesh-enabled Web Apps in the Live Desktop in the cloud.  On Friday the team did a new drop of the tools which is called the Live Framework Tools January CTP.  To download and do anything useful with…