Announcing the Live Framework Explorer for Visual Studio

At PDC back in October we launched the Live Framework into CTP and with that we provided a cool tool called the Live Framework Resource Model Browser which you could use to explore the data that you stored in the Mesh.  The tool was good but limited.  It was difficult to navigate the data, find what you were looking for and also make changes to the data itself.  Furthermore, it was a separate tool so I had to jump out of Visual Studio to navigate the data in Mesh.

We worked with Wygwam to build a cool tool for Visual Studio 2008 that allows you to tap into the Mesh and browse the data in your Live Framework apps.  Here’s what you can do with the Live Framework Explorer:

  • Integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio 2008
  • Read, Edit, Delete easily stored in the Mesh
  • Upload/Download files into the Mesh
  • Search for strings in the Mesh
  • and more…

The Live Framework Explorer is a CodePlex project which you can download and also check out the source code for.  If you’ve got feedback or ideas for the Live Framework Explorer then let us know in the Codeplex!

Get it here:

Watch Greg from Wygwam demo the Live Framework Explorer in his rock star Mix Session online (here) search for session MIX09-T76M!

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