Live Framework SDK and Tools April CTP


What is the Live Framework? – see my video on Channel 9

Bit late to the press with this one, but that’s because I’ve been working on some way cool stuff for next week at Mix 🙂

The Live Framework SDK and Tools April CTP has just been launched!  Not really sure why they launched mid-March and called it an April CTP – but hey, I’m not complaining when you get:

  • All-in-one installer (like a multivitamin – lots of goodness in one capsule)
  • Support for Win7 and IE8 (satisfies even the most demanding dogfooder)
  • Side-by-side installation of Live Framework CTP and Live Mesh Beta (now be a consumer and dev – all at the same time!)
  • Performance Improvements (we’re super slick, just like Win7)
  • and more

For the full announcement check out the Live Framework Team Blog and get the download itself here:


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  1. Joe says:

    Set passwords at both the File and Folder levels.

    Set password with expiration date and time.

    Grant Guest upload rights.

    Secure Online Storage, File Sharing and File Distribution

  2. Maxim Sokhatsky says:

    I used instruction from

    and can’t get connected to Windows Live Contacts.

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