LiveWIM using customized sign-in pages for Live ID

I blogged last week about the new documentation available for customizing the registration and sigin-in pages for Live ID and we’re already starting to see some examples in the wild.

LiveWIM, a site for tracking your whereabouts and letting your friends know, have gone and implemented and the results are pretty cool.  The thing I like, as well as the familiarity of the LiveWIM logo is that I get a list of remembered Live IDs so I don’t have to type in my credentials.  If I’ve actually asked Live ID to remember my password then I can just click the Live ID and it signs me in no hassle – also a cool feature.

image image

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  1. james says:

    Hi Claus, I wasn’t confused.  I too know about WIMs having been in the IT pro area for a number of years.  LiveWIM is a 3rd party website – not a Microsoft brand.  They’re in a completely different arena from Windows Image files.  It’s like saying you get confused between Apple, is it a fruit or a computer company?


  2. Claus Valca says:

    Is it just me or does this run the risk of causing just a little confusion with Microsoft’s other WIMs (Windows IMage file).

    I use WIM’s almost daily with ImageX for image deployments, etc.

    When I saw this I was first thinking it might be a new Web 2.0 "Cloud computing" initiative.  Load a WIM up to the server clouds, then access and run your virtualized cloud OS system from any desktop anywhere.

    Then I read the details and found it’s an identity/login managment service.


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