Imagine a killer Live Services app – win a pass to Mix09


This year I’m in the privileged position of being involved in possibly the greatest conference the world has ever seen.  Yes, I’m talking about Mix09 – Microsoft’s annual web conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  This year’s conference is being held 18-20th Match and promises to be a stunning affair with jar dropping keynotes, industry leading speakers and inspiring sessions all set amongst the best place to party! 🙂

For your chance to win a free pass (worth $1400) to this year’s event all you have to do is:

Dream up a killer app that uses services from Live Services and/or Live Framework and record a one minute video of yourself presenting it via Soapbox or YouTube.

As part of your pass you get full access to the conference, food and drink and an invite to the hottest party on the strip at club TAO – oh yeah and drinks are on us :-)  All you need to do is get yourself there and pay hotel bills.

I’ll also showcase the top 3 killer apps right here on my blog.

Here are the steps you must follow to be considered:

  • You imagine an application that uses Live Services and/or Live Framework
  • Record a one minute video of yourself presenting the idea on a webcam
  • Upload the video to Soapbox or YouTube
  • Post the link to the video in the comments of this blog entry
  • The application must be original or extend an already existing app
  • Submission deadline: February 23rd, 23:00 pm PST

On February 24th, I will review the entries and choose the best one. My criteria will be:

  • Originality – can be based on a couple of things
    • Have you got a really novel new idea
    • Have you extended an existing app in an interesting way
  • Entertaining/funny
  • Presentation style
  • That’s it 🙂

So where to start?  How about what Live Services are available?  Here are some of them:

  • Contacts – get your Live address book into your app, lookup your buddies
  • Virtual Earth – map your stuff in your app
  • Messenger – add instant messaging in your app
  • Mesh – sync and share your data across multiple devices and work offline
  • Live Search – bring back search results into your app
  • Photos – use photos from your Windows Live Spaces

Inspire yourself with the Windows Live Quick Apps.

Here are some links I’ve put together to get you on your way

The Live Framework Architecture

Comments (5)

  1. james says:

    @Oran, speculative stuff is cool too!  More the merrier!

    @JamieT – thanks man 🙂

  2. Oran says:

    Does the idea have to use existing Live Framework features, or can it depend on speculative future features such as Calendar integration or an exposed P2P API?

  3. No takers as yet huh? I’m tempted to get my thinking cap on!

    If I get my much-better-looking-than-me wife to do the video can I still come? 🙂

  4. Ok, here’s my idea:

    It involves using Live Mesh and Windows Live groups to share and collaborate around search results from Live Search.

    I felt completely ridiculous doing this by the way! Can’t you just ask us to put our ideas into an email next time? 🙂

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