Azure Services “How Do I” Videos

Get your head around the Azure Services Platform in the videos we’ve just released on MSDN.  We’ve got Windows Azure courtesy of Dr Aiken, .NET Services courtesy of Sir Nigel Watling and Live Services on the scene thanks to myself and Angus Logan.

Get the downloads here:

We’ll be posting more videos very, very soon.  Stay tuned using the RSS for updates: RSS

Comments (2)

  1. Please please please can you make a podcast feed available for these?


  2. georgbe saunders says:

    hello i have been using vista for over a year now and i still love it my machie runs better and quicker i find it much easer to copy and use music it is pretter than xp andi can’t understand all the people who say they have problems with i am only using a amd duel core processor and only have two gig of ram  so do not have a high end systen i think vista is the best os microsoft have borught out george

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