Mesh and the Imagine Cup


This year Mesh is in the thick of the action with the Imagine Cup 2009!  This year the competition is in Egypt and we’re excited about the cool apps that students are going to build using the Live Framework and Mesh Services, Contacts and Profiles.

Here’s the scoop on Mesh from the Imagine Cup Website:

Mesh Services and Live Framework are building blocks that bring software and internet services together and put you in control of your digital world. They allow you to interact with applications, files, people, and devices that matter the most and make sure you are in sync with them wherever you are and whenever you need them. Mesh Services provide exciting new opportunities for developers that bring traditional client and web applications to life and introduce new classes of applications to the developer toolkit. Experience Mesh and learn about developing on Mesh Services. Live Framework provides one place to program against Mesh Services and other exciting Live Services like Live Contacts, Live Profile and much more. These are the same things that power the Windows Live and Mesh experiences.  Now you have their power at your disposal! No matter what languages, platforms or developer tools you use, you’ll find that with the Live Framework you will be able to create exciting new applications across the web, desktop and devices and enhance your existing applications with new capabilities. To incorporate Mesh Services & Live Framework in your Imagine Cup solution: click here.

Check out the competition website for more information!

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