New Live Services sessions released for Mix09!


Dr Angus and I have been working hard on new sessions for Mix.  Some of them have been published today over here:

Make sure you register early and I’ll see you in Vegas! 🙂

Mesh-Enabled Web Applications

Come learn how to extend your existing Web applications and get them to live and breathe within Live Mesh. See how Mesh-enabled Web applications can be accessed from anywhere through a Web browser as well as run locally (and offline) on a user's desktop. Also see how Web applications can take full advantage of value-add Mesh services such as a dedicated sandbox, online and offline synchronized storage, automatic application updates, identity, application catalogue, social computing, and more.

Live Framework and Mesh Services: Live Services for Developers

Learn about the Live Framework including new and future services (such as Mesh Services), protocols, APIs, and tools which enable your Web, service, or client applications to access, store, and synchronize user data with Live Services, obtain audience analytics data, and more.

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  1. Spill the beans, what are "Mesh Services"?

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