Google’s thoughts on Azure Services Platform


It’s always interesting to read what your competition think of you.  None more so when your technology is new and you’ve just gone and pitched it to the world at PDC. 

Ryan Barrett works for Google on their App Engine and he’s written his thoughts on Azure including a breakdown of the various components, how developers can use it and his opinions on the good, bad and the ugly.

I was pleased to see that he felt our messaging was compelling and that the technology looked good.  These quotes leapt off the page at me in particular:

“The technology itself is ambitious, comprehensive, and impressive - at least, on paper”

“Also, they've also committed to serious dogfooding, ie building and running their own hosted services on Azure, much more than other cloud providers”

“MS has been building developer platforms for decades. They've learned lessons, sometimes the hard way, but they get it. None of the other cloud providers have that same depth of experience, so they seem a little wet behind the ears by comparison.”

“My reactions to "how to" talks varied widely, but every time I went to an "under the covers" talk, Azure felt more and more solid.”

Read Ryan’s Azure Overview here.

Read Ryan’s detailed appraisal here.

Thanks to Lynn from whom I picked this up over the holidays (Hi Lynn!!!).

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  1. Dmitry says:

    The Google folks for the most part i think really respect what we do. I had someone from the big G once come talk to me about Live Platform, seemed genuinely interested to learn more.

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