Windows 7 Videos – come get some!


As Steve Ballmer announced last night at CES, Windows 7 Beta 1 is now available! On Channel 9 and Channel 10, we are planning to publish a series of videos on Windows 7 readiness for enthusiasts, partners, and developers, including the following videos that are now live:

Channel 10: Windows 7 at CESThe key features in Windows 7 Beta 1 in less than three minutes!


Channel 9: Windows 7 New Taskbar: An Overview


Channel 9: Designing the Windows 7 Taskbar


Channel 9: Windows 7 Taskbar – behind the scenes


Channel 9: Jump into the Windows 7 Jump Lists


More videos coming tomorrow

· Channel 9: Windows 7 Ribbon Deep Dive  

· Channel 9: Windows 7 Ribbon Markup Overview 

· Channel 9: Windows Scenic Animation Overview 

· Channel 9: Windows Web Services

Still want more on Windows 7?

Check out the Channel 9 and Channel 10 Windows 7 tag pages for even more videos on Window 7.

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    The Windows Team Blog will be updated in the next few hours detailing when and where to download the

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