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Running up to Christmas we dished out quite a few new Live Mesh Tokens to people who were waiting in the line.  To sign up for a developer account (enabling you to code against Live Mesh and Live Framework) you needed to visit (The Azure Services Developer Portal) and redeem your tokens.

If at this point you tried to get to your Live Desktop on and were redirected to the Azure Services Developer Portal automatically, or couldn’t sign in to the CTP Client bits, it was because you hadn’t accepted the CTP Terms of Use (of which it seems there are none at the moment!):


Having accepted the Terms of Use, you will be able to login to and see the Live Desktop and also be able to login to the Client Bits:


So that strange behavior is explained and I’ll be chasing the team to iron that little wrinkle out.

Comments (2)

  1. james says:

    Hi Steven

    Can you please email me and I will sort you out with a Live Framework CTP token


  2. Steven says:

    I’ve been waiting to work with the Live Mesh CTP since April 07. I have at least 3 projects that I’d love to use the Mesh technology with. I signed up to participate in the CTP only to receive an invitation token for SQL/.NET services. I signed up again, a few months passed, and then I received an invitation for Azure Services. I decided not to bother signing up for the Live Mesh CTP again. Who knows what I’ll get. Almost a year wasted waiting to test/use the Mesh framework.

    I appreciate that Microsoft even allows me the opportunity to sign up and participate but why am I wasting my time if I can’t participate in what I request? Why would I participate in something I didn’t request to participate in?

    Microsoft ….

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