Running Mesh Beta Client at the same time as Live Framework CTP Client

For those of you who are busy developing applications for Mesh using Live Framework, you will be aware of the problem that until now you couldn’t run the Mesh Beta Client at the same time as the Live Framework CTP.  Fortunately, we’ve put together a workaround that allows your to run both alongside one another…


Windows Azure & Azure Services Platform Token Acquisition Explained

If you’ve played around with Windows Azure and/or Azure Services Platform you’ll know that getting tokens can be somewhat a pain.  Firstly, sorry about that, there’s all kinds of reasons why this is the case that I won’t bore you with here. Fortunately, Lynn the SouthCal girl has written a great article on getting the…


ComScore Internet Stats

Computerworld reported today that the number of visitors to internet sites has risen to 1 billion.  Here’s the lowdown: The Google family of sites led all online properties in December, with 777.9 million visitors, comScore reported. Microsoft was next, with 647.9 million visitors, followed by the Yahoo sites with 562.6 million visitors and Facebook with…


Interesting Media Center Stats

Paul has some interesting stats about Media Center following CES last week: CES is the first consumer showcase of Windows Media Center in Windows 7.  Windows 7 includes a number of enhancements for Windows Media Center, including the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which gives you all of your internet TV in one place Windows…


New Live Services sessions released for Mix09!

  Dr Angus and I have been working hard on new sessions for Mix.  Some of them have been published today over here: Make sure you register early and I’ll see you in Vegas! 🙂 Mesh-Enabled Web Applications Come learn how to extend your existing Web applications and get them to live and breathe…


More Windows Live Slipstreaming

I wrote recently about the Windows Live slipstreaming of features and how it’s nice to get visibility of what’s going on in terms of the software that I consume on the internet.  Windows Live Mail today let me know there were three changes that I can expect in this update.  Clicking Learn more, I’m taken…


Google’s thoughts on Azure Services Platform

It’s always interesting to read what your competition think of you.  None more so when your technology is new and you’ve just gone and pitched it to the world at PDC.  Ryan Barrett works for Google on their App Engine and he’s written his thoughts on Azure including a breakdown of the various components, how…


Why I’m installing Windows 7 on my Media Center right now

Media Center on Windows 7 is simply stunning, check out Ben Reed from Microsoft do the demo: Oh and if you’re not familiar with Windows Media Center, it’s been around for a while now and is one of the best products we have – here is the history: Evolution of Windows Media Center


Ray Ozzie, the poet

I loved Ray’s acceptance speech last night at the Crunchies when we picked up the award for Most Innovative Technology 2008 for Live Mesh.  This line has been picked up a lot in the press and I think it is actually quite beautiful: “When we are in an environment with technological and environmental change, you…