They were saying at Web 2.0 that Obama won the election because of the web.  Well, there was probably a bit more to it than that but it certainly helped.  Being in San Fran on election nice was quite special and walking around at 8pm PST when it was announced he had it in the bag, I witnessed some pretty emotional scenes in and around union square.  People were elated, they were screaming and dancing in the streets – it was something I was caught up in and something I will never forget.

It’s an exciting time to have moved to America.  As I have made big changes in my life, so too America looks for Obama to do the same.

Flickr got the scoop on the election night photos – they are sure to be some of the most popular photos on Flickr ever!

Also, Vertigo have put together a nice Deep Zoom Silverlight app of all the Obama headlines from around the world.  http://bigpicture.vertigo.com/obama/

Comments (4)

  1. james says:

    Hi Dude27

    The security of my job is in my hands not Obama.  Besides, where in my post did I say anything about my political views?

  2. Dude27 says:

    That is wonderful for you. I have a question. When Obama takes this recession and turns it into a depression with his tax increases…will you still be in denial and blame your job loss on Bush, or will you admit that you were wrong?

  3. nick p says:

    They’re great pictures although I wish there were more…

    http://www.spinwhip.com/obama has some cool info and vids about obama tho!

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