BizSpark: Free software, support and visibility for start-ups


If you are starting up a business you are going to spend money on stuff.  You are going to have expenditure.  Software from Microsoft is normally a part of that expenditure. 

Now with BizSpark, if you are a company that builds software, that expenditure has gone away – you can get Microsoft software for free.  Here’s what you get:

  • Software - via the program
  • Support - via MSDN (two support incidents per startup) and the resources that the Network Partner has to offer for startups
  • Visibility - via BizSparkDB. Startups can profile themselves on BizSparkDB.

My buddy Anand who’s here at Web 2.0 with me has got the official download: Announcing BizSpark for early stage startups 

I hear they are looking for case studies too, so if you want some free marketing love from Microsoft, you might want to give him a call…

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