The Prix Pictet Photography Competition

Photo courtesy of Prix Pictet 2008.

The Prix Pictet Photography Competition is a brand new competition focussing on global sustainability and the winner, Benoit Aquin, has just been announced.  This years subject matter is water and some of the entries have been captured in a slideshow here on the BBC

These images are stunning and provide a great way to focus our nano-second attention span on some of the greater problems faced by people not so fortunate as you and I.  I had a conversation recently with someone about volunteering and this weekend I’m going to look into how I can involved.

Technology plays a big part in capturing these kinds of images and for those of you who are into your photography I would recommend checking out the Microsoft Professional Photography website which has great information on some of the software out there for you.  There’s also interesting articles on covering events like when the Dalai Lama spoke at the Seeds of Compassion event in Seattle.

Naturally the Pro Photo Team has a blog they keep regular updates on, a worthwhile read.

I’m going to be thinking about how these guys can integrate Live Mesh and Live Services into the work they are doing over the coming months.  If you have any ideas or suggestions the drop me a line:

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  1. james says:

    Hi Bob

    Good to meet you at PDC too – looking forward to seeing your ideas!

    The DeepZoom in Live Mesh is a great one, you could implement the DeepZoom composer engine as a service or "processor" in Mesh (see my new blog post) and then adds it to the already created "quilt" of images.

    This could then be viewed as a Mesh app or website.  

    There could also be some linkage in with Flickr or Windows Live Spaces so your images go straight up to that service too – if you have an account of course.

    Love the ideas video btw – keep em coming!

    I’m in San Fran for the next three days – does that count???



  2. Bob Thomson says:


    Stunning image.

    As the ubiquity and power of portable (read mobile phone) cameras continues to increase it would be cool if someone built something like:

    Basically a system where (via Live Mesh) every shot you took with your mobile immediately synced and slotted in to a Silverlight 2 DeepZoom "quilt" at a specified Url.

    This could also be embedded on Facebook, MySpace etc.

    Would be pretty sexy, imagine looking at one as two or three additional images slotted into place. Or looking at the portfolios of each photographer on Getty Images as a DeepZoom UI.

    It was good to meet you at PDC, regards colaab I’m just trying to get some thoughts down on where next (while also experimenting with a Silverlight 2 e-commerce pipeline). Will fire them over to you as soon as they are ready to see what you think.

    You going to stay in one place for more than 24 hours any time soon? 😉



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