More PDC 2008 Stats

Jennifer Ritzinger just sent out an email giving even more juicy stats on the hardware and food required to pull off the conference.  Given the popularity of the last PDC 2008 stats post I thought you might like to get the lowdown on what keeps 6000 geeks ticking over both from a sustenance and technology perspective.

Here’s the definitive list:


And just for fun….food facts from PDC2008:

  • Coffee Brewed .... 1312 gallons per day (includes breakfast, lunch, breaks)
  • Chicken Cooked for Monday's Lunch  ... 3,000 pounds
  • Candy Bars on Wednesday's Break ... 11,000 pieces
  • Bananas for the entire week ... 111,000 bananas
  • Breakfast Pastries (IE bagels, muffins, danish, donuts) ... 3,750 dozens for
  • the entire week
  • Butter ... 773 pounds ordered for the entire week ... 603 pounds consumed
  • Assorted Sodas ... 61,104 ordered
  • Yogurt ... 11,424 ordered

And for the one or two geeks that might be in the listening audience:

  • NOC
    • 7 rolling server racks with 71 HP servers
    • 2 industrial 14,000BTU air conditioning units to cool the NOC
    • 13 Vlans
  • Network Infrastructure
    • 155MB OC3 circuit load-balanced with an additional 45MB DS3 for failover
    • 286 Aruba + 40 Cisco 1200 wireless access points deployed across the convention center
    • 12 Xirrus wireless arrays in the keynote hall (peak number of concurrent connections: 2881 users on Day 2)
    • 120 Cisco 3560 poe managed switches and 250 Allied Telesyn unmanaged switches
    • 60,00 feet of bulk network cable
  • Hardware
    • Deployed over 1,000 PCs and Monitors
Comments (2)

  1. Caliban Darklock says:

    Where can I get some "IE bagels"?! That would be awesome. I assume they must somehow be baked in the shape of that circled-e logo.

    Yes, I’m kidding.

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