Extending the Mesh Cloud

One of the common questions I’ve been getting from developers and IT guys about Mesh is how we are planning to get the infrastructure, storage and platform in Mesh delivered in an on-premise scenario so that individuals or businesses can take advantage of the Mesh capabilities yet retain control over their data and devices rather…


Live Sync, Live Mesh, SkyDrive and why patience is a virtue

There has been some confusion recently about conflicting products and services coming out of the Windows Live group.  There’s a good explanation for the confusion but first to give some context. Last week the FolderShare team both rebranded and launched a new version named Live Sync.  Here’s what Windows Live Sync is in a nutshell:…


New Plugins for Windows Live Photo Gallery

Yummy! No longer will I have to use the god-forsaken Facebook photo upload tool – thank you Will Duff!!!! http://blogs.msdn.com/pix/pages/Plug_2D00_ins.aspx Windows Live Photo Gallery (Beta) and Windows Live Movie Maker (Beta) make it simple to add publishing support for 3rd party sharing services. Simply download and install a plug-in and start publishing. Note: plug-ins only…


Behind the scenes at PDC: The Keynote Timelapse

I’ve just uploaded this cool video which I got hold of internally that shows how the PDC08 keynote room was assembled, used and broken down in under 6 minutes.  It’s quite impressive how it all comes together, just for a few hours of presentations! I recommend putting some music on in the background whilst you…


USB 3.0

I was surprised to read on Wired today that’s it been eight years since the last update to the USB standard that is ubiquitous amongst today’s electronic devices.  Now it seems is a good time for an update, and that’s where USB 3.0 comes in. USB 3.0 will allow data exchange of 4.8 Gigabits per…


PDC Swag

How much swag was there at PDC? Lots. T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Bags, books, magazines etc.  Turns out there was quite a bit leftover too.  Here’s Jeannine wrestling with a box of water bottles! All this stuff will be going out to Microsoft offices around the world and then onto partners and customers.  If you are…


Mesh Man Ori Amiga on the Mesh Mobile and Mesh Wallpaper

My Mesh pal, Ori Amiga – of PDC keynote fame – over the weekend got the urge to start blogging and kicked off with a stunning post on how he created his Mesh Mobile.  He’s got the complete shopping list on there so you too can go and create your own car heaven.  You can…



News on the back burner after PDC via the Microsoft Startup Labs developer blog – 4 apps to get you going with Live Mesh.  They are: Collaborative Crossword: A crossword puzzle designed for multiple users to solve together CorkBoard: "Bulletin board for the digital life" MeshLists: A list creation/sharing tool CrowdVote: A collaborative group-polling tool…


Defining Azure and Ignoring Live Services at your peril

Windows Azure Steve found a rather honest and down to earth description of Windows Azure on The Register.  I particularly liked their take on SQL Services (SQL Service that is managed for you by Microsoft): Giving you access to a straight-up hosted Microsoft SQL Server would be too useful, so in the Azure platform, you…


Driving Speeds

This made me chuckle especially having recently had to adjust my driving speed over here in the US.  Graph courtesy of GraphJam