Speaking of experiences…

Sitting here at PDC watching the multi-touch demo on Virtual Earth and remembered a post I’ve seen from Chris P about a huge screen Virtual Earth Experience that the Carlton University has put together. I’m getting one of these for my home 🙂 Enjoy!

Live Blogging goes big at PDC

Long and the crew are all over the Live Blogging here at PDC.  Long tells me that during the keynote yesterday they had 3000 viewers – nice work!  Check them out again today and make sure you have the live video stream open too here: http://microsoftpdc.com/Default.aspx


Windows Azure: Front and Center

Being of British origin, I normally use the BBC as a barometer for important tech news stories, if it makes it onto the front page then it’s normally very important.  Today’s front page tells the story by itself.


Software + Services: Greater than the sum

Great new video on S+S and what the S+S vision is.  Love how they dropped the “Mesh” word in right in the middle 🙂 I like the phrase “code into commerce” too… There’s another video gem on the site S+S site too (which has been revamped to mirror the Windows design) which is worth checking…

Quake 2 in Silverlight – sweet!

One of the last PC games I remember playing was Quake 2 – I know I know, it’s been a while.  The wizards over at http://www.innoveware.com/ have converted this classic into Silverlight – amazing! Oh yeah and now they want to know what you want them to work on next!


6000 geeks in a room

Loving gholzer’s Panorama of the PDC keynote this morning – check out the full size 9883 x 1356 image here. Can you spot me? (tip I have the best seat in the house, with my back to the camera and have a grey t-shirt on) – good luck! 🙂


Need some help understanding Windows Azure?

Did the keynote at PDC leave questions unanswered about Windows Azure?  I would recommend checking out some of these newly published Channel 9 videos to help get your head around the new platform and answer some of those questions you might have. Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure Steve Marx- Windows Azure for Developers John Shewchuk…


Hard Rock still rocking in Silverlight

The Hard Rock site just got a revamp with more items – there are now 500 items!  There’s also a nice widget to embed that you can embed in your own site!  Check the bad boy out for yourself: Hard Rock Memorabilia site If you’re a flash guru and want to use your skills in…

Holy Cow it’s Mix 09!

I’m not even at PDC yet and we get an internal email telling us about Mix 09 registration opening for March in Las Vegas! No time for breathing I guess! Don’t miss the build up by connecting and mixing it up: Become a fan on Facebook Stay connected on Twitter Post and explore event images…


Here begins the period of craziness – and I can’t wait

Well, well, well. It’s mid-October and my life is about to get insane.  Yesterday a consultant from the removal company came round to size up all my personal possessions ready for the big move to Seattle.  Tomorrow I head to the US Embassy in London to get my visa application and get my passporto stamped…