Hard Rock still rocking in Silverlight


The Hard Rock site just got a revamp with more items – there are now 500 items!  There’s also a nice widget to embed that you can embed in your own site!  Check the bad boy out for yourself: Hard Rock Memorabilia site

If you’re a flash guru and want to use your skills in Silverlight find out here at Project Rosetta.

If you’re new to Silverlight then get your browser over to www.silverlight.net and download the knowledge into your brain.

I had a great moment last night in Seattle when I arrived from London.  After some emotional farewells back in London I picked up my rental car from Avis and then headed out on the highway towards the bright lights of Seattle.  As the city came into view I turned on the radio and T-Rex “Get it On” was playing, I turned up the volume, put my foot down and suddenly I realised this was going to be one hell of an adventure.  Rock and roll baby!

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