Windows 7: what’s in a name?


As you probably heard the next version of Windows will be named Windows 7.  There are some mixed emotions out there.  Anti-climax? Simple? Disappointing? Surprised?

What’s in a name though? Well I’m a believer in consistency and if Windows 7 is the start of a convention; Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 10 etc. then I’m all for it.  It helps customers easily understand which is the latest version and relate it to their current version that they are running.  So if I am running Windows 7 and Microsoft bring out Windows 9 then I know that I’m 2 versions behind – time to upgrade perhaps?  At present with Vista, XP, 2000 it’s a real mix of names that don’t indicate implicitly which is the latest and greatest version. 


Anyway enough name calling, I wanted to highlight some great work Long is doing over at where you can submit any UI inconsistencies or problems you find when you get your hands on Windows 7 at PDC!  I would encourage you to get involved in this community as the UX (user experience) team gets a lot of input from Long and his contributors.

I’m looking forward to Long’s commentary over the coming months as Windows 7 gets dissected.  His perspective is fresh, funny and honest.  A good combo that makes for a worthwhile read.

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