PDC 2008 in Stats

Countdown@PDC: Day 4 Recap Mike Swanson, Jennifer Ritzinger and their teams did an absolutely amazing job on PDC 2008.  I’ve just been watching their closing thoughts on PDC and they gave out some interesting stats! Running a conference like this is quite an operation as the guys will tell you! Networking Operations Center 7 rolling…


I’m a Mac, wait, no I’m a PC!

Loving the work of John Curran and the Windows UK team.  They parked a I’m a PC recording booth outside the Apple store in Birmingham – brilliant! Coverage on the Apple Insider blog and Techmeme.


Make your own electoral predictions!

Check out this cool WPF application that allows you to predict the outcome of the US election.  With election excitement reaching fever pitch over here in the US it’s quite an interesting app to play with. Download it now!


New Features in the Worldwide Telescope

This week at PDC we launched the new version of WWT, “Equinox” this is truly stunning stuff and here is an overview of the new features included in this release: 3d Navigation from Earth, thru the Solar system, to the stars and out beyond the Milky Way, rendered in real time with lighting. This mode…


Tour of the Live Mesh Mac client

Today we released the bits for the Live Mesh Mac Client – here’s what the app looks like courtesy of Channel 10. First Look: Live Mesh Client for Mac


Ori and his Marvellous Meshified Car

I tweeted recently about Ori and his Mesh car and today the Channel 9 video proving the existence of the rumoured vehicle and the amazing technology that the Amiga has bestowed upon it. Needless to say that as the Live Services Evangelist I need to get my car meshified without delay so as I leave…

Live Mesh is now in BETA

We just released a new version of the Mesh Client for PC that is now BETA. Great work to all the team. Mesh should be updating very soon for you. Enjoy. If you haven’t already got the Live Mesh Client for PC then get over to www.mesh.com and download the loveliness.


Live Mesh Mac Client now available!

Limited tech preview available – get them while they’re hot! www.mesh.com

Microsoft Research: where computing changes the world

At the keynote this morning at PDC 2008 Rick Rashid talked about Microsoft Research and how an inspired decision 17 years ago has led to the premier research facility in the field of computer science. With my background having graduated with a degree in computer science, it’s fascinating to see the scale they have achieved. …

Microsoft: change the world or go home. How about we change the world.

About a year ago, my pal Steve Clayton (happy birthday buddy) unleashed a genius viral marketing ploy aimed at starting a conversation about Microsoft.  It was really a call to arms challenging the company to reinvent itself. To innovate.  To change the world. Today we really did announce some stuff that will change the world,…