Virtual Earth at Pisces

Just got off stage in Edinburgh where I delivered a presentation on Virtual Earth.  The topic of conversation was about openness and standards and I was on stage after Gerry Gavigan, the Chairman from the open source consortium.  He talked about free software and how open source was the way forward.  I then gave my thoughts on the value that proprietary software could be useful too. It seemed to go down well and feedback was good especially the demo – here’s the raw set list:

Live Search Raw

  • 3D mode over UK
  • Search for Sheraton Hotel - Satellite View
  • Bird's Eye View
  • Planning a trip! Show 3D of Las Vegas - search for hotel "RIO"
    • WeatherLooking for an appartment in Seattle - McGuire on Wall Street
    • Traffic
  • Show detail

How can I use this as a Platform in my business?

  • iFly video
  • - launched by RightMove - the #1 Property Website
    • Search Seattle, Belltown
    • Filter a few options
    • Note list has decreased
    • Browse Photos
    • Click Zoom in > Aerial > Bird's Eye View
  • What about if Microsoft hasn't 3D modelled the house appartment I am selling?
    • 3DVia
    • Search for Big Ben


  • Store Locator


Worldwide Telescope

  • "And to finish..."
  • Welcome to the Universe
  • Guided Tours > Nebula > The Ring Nebula
  • Talking points: Easy, amazing, free
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hot on the heels of the open source stuff being talked about of the last couple of days and Microsoft

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