Windows Live Wave 3 Beta!

LiveSide gave me the headsup on the new Windows Live Wave 3 Beta available here.  This version contains Movie Maker Beta which now falls into the Windows Live portfolio.  Previously, it was included with Windows Vista, but I get the feeling that not many people new it was there - perhaps this will help raise awareness of it - it deserves it as it is a fantastic bit of software!


Comments (3)

  1. james says:

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for the feedback – I’ll pass it on.


  2. kibar says:

    for the rss

  3. Andy Hudson says:

    I know it’s only in beta but theis version seems a lot slower and less responsive than the previous.  Also, can we have the icons back on the Mail toolbar?  Or at least have an option somewhere to choose to display them or not.

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