Customized Experiences on Windows Live


I was rebuilding my Lenovo X61 Tablet today and took a quick peek at the ThinkVantage Productivity Suite (one of the tools that come with Lenovos).  I noticed that the first link in the list of items was "Experience" which took me to where I got a version of with Lenovo branding in the top left of the page.

I had a quick play around but couldn't find any other OEM pages like this;, don't exist.  Nice work by the Windows Live guys - perhaps one improvement might have been to use the wording "Experience Lenovo Live" rather than the URL - just a little more friendly.


Comments (2)

  1. james says:

    Cool, thanks Jamie! The Verizon one is very heavily customized and actually links in Verizon’s own email as opposed to Live Mail.  It also doesn’t use any of the parts I have already configured compared to Lenovo which uses my settings.

    They also use variations of the Windows Live branding, QWest is much smaller than the others for example.


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