Add this to your dictionary: Photosynther


My prediction is that in the next 6 months there’ll be a new noun in the dictionary:

photosynther [foh-toh-sinth-er] –noun

An individual that takes many photos of the same object or scene to be later used in Photosynth, a new and exciting technology released by Microsoft that interprets a series of photos and maps them in a three dimensional world.

Next time you see one of these individuals don’t be alarmed – they are just trying to get as “synthy” effect as possible.

I’ve been watching the coverage that photosynth has been getting over the last couple of days with interest including the strange expectation that TechCrunch had about the service, which is a) free and b) a complicated bit of software.  Well, they got flamed in the comments so I guess they won’t be slamming Microsoft so hard next time! 

My favourite synth so far has to be Halo 3


Just makes me want to get back on my Xbox and start fragging!

I had a go myself at the weekend and came up with this little effort of one of my mum’s sculptures.  I love the way you can see the head in 3D pointillism – sweet!  You’ll notice that I’ve also included the synth as an embedded object right within this post – another sweet feature.

You can see the full version here: and also check out her personal website here: for more information on her sculptures.

Oh yeah – and it was 98% synthy 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. viralta says:

    nah….photosynther is better or "synther" for short

  2. I predict these individuals will be known as "photosynthifcators"

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