PC Power Management announcements


Just been checking the Microsoft Environment Sustainability Blog and the team has been busy with some announcements recently including a free consumer tool to control power consumption on PCs at a fine grained level using a free tool built by Verdiem called Edison.  It’s a nifty little app that adds to the advanced power management settings in Vista to provide estimation on energy savings (and cash savings) that different power schemes will yield.

Edison claims to save 30% of the energy normally consumed by your PC which is a sizeable chunk of electricity and of course there are the financial benefits which will give you more money in your pocket every month.


One other thing I noticed in my research to find out the average cost of electricity in kWh is that compared to California – where the cost of electricity is around 11.45 cents) the cost in the UK is 12.12 pence per kWh – over double!

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