Pixar to use Windows Server 2008 HPC


Last year I dabbled a with the HPC (High Performance Computing) version of Windows Server and now it seems the platform goes from strength to strength with news of Pixar using the latest incarnation built on Windows Server 2008 to render it’s future box office hits.

Some of the new features in 2008 HPC include:

According to Microsoft, HPC Server 2008 can support systems that scale to thousands of processor cores, and it includes faster networking capabilities and more powerful cluster management tools than prior versions offered.

Original story from Computer World and more info on Todd Needham’s blog.

Comments (2)

  1. james says:


    you are right – those are the facts that have been published.


  2. Sean says:

    Not to burst your collective bubble, but I’m pretty sure that no one said that Pixar is going to use HPC to "render it’s future box office hits."

    Here are the facts we know.

    (1) Pixar produces the Renderman software.

    (2) Renderman supports Windows HPC Server (as well as Mac OS X and Linux)

    (3) Pixar uses Renderman to render its movies.

    Nothing else.

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