Crazy Olympic Silverlight Stats


Came across this cool article on eWeek about the online coverage by NBC of the Olympics powered by Microsoft Silverlight, there are some pretty mind-boggling statistics about the use throughput of data and the number of downloads of the plugin.  Here are some numbers from the first four days that caught my eye:

  • Silverlight has been downloaded 8 million times per day
  • 13.5 million video streams active
  • 2.2 million video streams during Athens in 2004
  • That’s 514% growth
  • 16.9 million users of the site
  • On August 11th Silverlight delivered 250TB of data

Nice work guys!

Interested in trying your hand at Silverlight? You can develop your own Silverlight apps for free using Visual Studio ExpressThere are also some great tutorials here too.

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