Meet you at PDC 2008

Just booked up my ticket to LA for PDC in October – can’t wait! There’s going to be some really cool technology there so worth the trip! Meet you there! Get some bling for your blog and desktop here!


New Look and Feel for Mojave Experiment

Gone is the dark and mysterious backdrop to the Mojave Experiment, now there is a fresh and light look and feel to The “deep zoom” navigation is also really cool and I love the way everything falls into a 3D world with depth of field – very nice. We’ve also now released the demos…


Silverlight and WPF Workshop in NYC next week

Cool workshops event in NYC being run by my colleagues state side in New York: Overview of Silverlight & WPF Designer developer workflow using XAML Expression Studio to craft Silverlight and WPF User Experiences Styling and Skinning Data Binding Using Visual Studio to hook up Silverlight on the front end to services & Windows Live…


Add this to your dictionary: Photosynther

My prediction is that in the next 6 months there’ll be a new noun in the dictionary: photosynther [foh-toh-sinth-er] –noun An individual that takes many photos of the same object or scene to be later used in Photosynth, a new and exciting technology released by Microsoft that interprets a series of photos and maps them…


Come and get it: IE8 Beta 2

Download and play: My fav features, so far: Accelerators – select a part of the webpage, click the icon that appears and do stuff like blog, get definitions, find a map etc. Open a new Tab – “What do you want to do next?” – easy options, reopen previous tabs, viewing what’s on the…


Microsoft UK Bloggers bring home the gold

In what I can only liken to Great Britain’s current haul at the Olympics, Microsoft UK bloggers have won multiple awards across different categories in the Computer World Blogging awards 2008.  Congratulations to Steve Clayton’s “Geek in Disguise” blog won the “Company Blogs” category Jason Langridge’s “Mr Mobile” blog won the “Wireless and Mobile Blogs”…


SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 Bristol and London TechNet events

Just wanted to highlight the TechNet events in Bristol and London that the IT Pro guys are putting in October.  These are essential for anyone that deploys/migrates/maintains SBS and (in the future) EBS and I would recommend attending to get a heads start on these new technologies. I know Andrew is currently building some stunning…


Live Mesh: more slots and extended to new countries

Today we rolled out the Live Mesh Technical Preview to Canada, India and Ireland (in English) and those countries now join USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand as we scale up and out with the service.  The developer platform – probably the most exciting part – isn’t far away now and doing testing at scale…


PC Power Management announcements

Just been checking the Microsoft Environment Sustainability Blog and the team has been busy with some announcements recently including a free consumer tool to control power consumption on PCs at a fine grained level using a free tool built by Verdiem called Edison.  It’s a nifty little app that adds to the advanced power management…