Partners – How do you want your training?

Microsoft provides a huge amount of training, information, product data, sales guides, technical guides etc on a huge range of products and services and consuming this in it’s various formats is a challenge.  Blogs, Live Meetings, Videos, Podcasts, Powerpoint Presentations, Face to face events, PDFs, Word documents – the list goes on.

Finding the right information is difficult to do.  I often refer to the Partner Portal when speaking to partners about where to find more information and I often wonder how they get on with their hunt for the resources they are looking for.  I know it’s there but do they ever find what I was referring to? 

I also wonder what is the most popular format to consume content and to best aide learning.  It must vary wildly on the individual but I thought I would put it to you given that I am currently pulling together training material for SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 both from a technical and sales perspective. 

Help me help you, please take a couple of seconds to let me know how you want to consume the information we provide by filling in the survey below and feel free to leave more detailed comments if you want – it all gets taken into account!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One thing I have never been accused of is holding back my opinion and on the Yahoo Groups recently there

  2. Anonymous says:

    In May 2006 we had a server event for guys (and gals) who sell server – specifically Small Business Server.

  3. james says:

    Hi Sven

    Thanks for the feedback.  I hear you on the face-to-face training but like you say it’s about logistics too, I guess if we provide both types (face to face and Live meeting) it gives you the choice as to whether to make the 500 mile trip.  

    In the future the technology will hopefully allow greater collaboration remotely to allow you to feel like you are there in person.  We’ve started to see this with Live Meeting and the Q&A functionality, but what you miss is two way sound and vision – that’s the holy grail.

    Perhaps there’s an argument to move all technical training under the TechNet and MSDN umbrella and leverage their brand and portal capabilities – e.g. their search is excellent.  This would leave the PLC to cover Sales and Marketing only.  What do you think?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi James,

    I believe there are some Hands on Labs which were available at SMB Summit in the US. I don’t know what their availability would be over here in the UK but might be an interesting route to explore.

    I use a combination of playing with the actual technology, to web casts, to blogs to learn. I think the webcast approach would be good using Live Meeting as it really helps to save travel time and fit it into the working day.


    Vijay (SBSC PAL)

  5. Sven Aelterman says:

    I am only on the technical side, not on the sales side. I generally like in-person events and training the best. The opportunity to interact face-to-face with the training and other attendees is a valuable addition to the content.

    Of course, in-person training shouldn’t be 500 miles away either…

    The in-person training is great to get started. Beyond that, I use TechNet and MSDN, but rarely partner-specific resources.

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