Announcing Groove in Professional Services Webinar

We've got an interesting looking webinar coming up especially for those of you in professional services that delves into how you can use it to ease collaboration and boost productivity.

Here's what I know on the content:

The webinar will start by looking at the trends within Professional services today, and the pressures that places on service delivery and the way that professional services organisations need to work, internally and with customers and partners in order to deliver exceptional service.  It will then go on to look at specific collaboration challenges, focusing on how you work across firewalls, before looking at Groove and the benefits it can deliver in a professional services organisation.

We’re then very lucky to have Andy Hutchins from Avanade presenting about his experience of Groove and how he sees Groove fitting in the overall Microsoft collaboration stack.

Collaborating across the Firewall. Microsoft Office Groove in Professional Services.

Wednesday 18th June, 10-11am.

Event Overview                                               

A webcast focussing on key issues in the Professional Services industry, particularly collaboration.

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