SBS Partners – when do you want training?

We've just been debating whether partners want Sales and Technical SBS training to be released in a specific order. 

Based on experience from the Server 2008 launch most partners wanted sales training to be released first to understand the value prop to close a deal and then invest in technical training when they needed to deploy the technology. 

I've got a feeling that because SBS will have a shorter sales cycle, you'll probably want the training to be released as soon as possible both for Sales and Technical, but please let me know by filling out the survey below.


In which order do you want SBS Training?

Comments (2)

  1. james says:

    Hi Jeff

    Do you mean to distinguish between those who have trained on SBS 2008 and those who haven’t?


  2. Jeff Keeler says:

    Will there be an upgrade to the SBSC program?

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