Microsoft hiring Ninjas

I was chatting with my pal Viral today and he pointed out an employee at Microsoft who had the title "Zune Ninja" stored in Active Directory.  What a cool title I thought - I wonder if I can change my title to become "Partner Technology Ninja".  Anyway Viral emailed the guy and he explained the interesting story behind how he became a Ninja whilst working in the Xbox team under J Allard.

Anyway it seems that the title stuck and as Josh moved into the Zune team he took his rather individual title with him.


Cool Stuff.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Over the weekend one of the many Davids I count among my friends mailed me a curious job title from his

  2. james says:

    @Viral – you can have one of mine if you want?

  3. viralta says:

    you bitch…you stole my article.

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