Final Call for Office Live Business Technical Training

Venue : Microsoft Chertsey Training Centre

Dates : 22nd and 23rd April 2008

Course description :

This free, 2-day session is designed to provide Microsoft Partners with support & information needed to bring your applications to the Small Business market.

Topics covered in this training session are :

•           Introducing  Microsoft Office Live Small Business

•           Creating and Using Business Applications

•           Customising the Public Web Site

•           Customising Business Applications with SharePoint Designer

•           Deploying Solutions and Performing Site Analytics

•           Developing With Office Live Small Business Web Services

•           Working With Documents on an Office Live Small Business Site

•           Building Business Mash-ups on Office Live Small Business

•           Demonstration & Sample Code (Advanced Lab Standalone)

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Module 1 : Introduction to Microsoft Office Live Small Business and Business Applications

Tour some of the "out-of-the-box" business applications that come with Microsoft Office Live Small Business (OLSB) including the Business Contact Manager. We'll also discuss the lists and libraries data models that you can leverage to customize OLSB. Also cover the new v2 features that come with OLSB.

Module 2 : Using and Displaying Office Live Small Business Data

Shows you how to use the OLSB Collect Data and Display Data modules. Learn how to take data from lists on the private site and display them on the public site and then how to collect data from customers on the public site to create room reservations requests.

Module 3 : Customising an Office Live Small Business Public Site

Continue to build the Bed & Breakfast business site on OLSB. We'll use the powerful Site Designer and Page Editor tools to customize the public site into a professional-looking Web presence. This module will focus on using the new Page/Site Designer tools in v2. It will also cover custom headers and footers, navigation, css and using XSLT. It will briefly review how to add SilverLight and Popfly mashups to the public site.

Module 4 : Workflows & Expanding Web Development

Add ways to help the Inn run its business more efficiently and add a workflow to the reservations process. We'll show how employees can use the powerful OLSB collaboration features and how to add external data sources, such as RSS feeds, to the private site.

Module 5 : Customising an Office Live Small Business Internal Site

Use SharePoint Designer to customize the private side and business applications. Build dashboards and Web parts that display data from multiple sources, both internal and external.

Module 6 : Using Templates & Performing Site Analytics

Package a solution using the new solution packaging feature so Office Live customers can upload and install on their own site. Also show the site analytics capabilities e such as Site Reports, Search Engines, Referrers, and more.

Module 7: Developing With Office Live Web Small Business Services

Build a client application that uses the OLSB Web services to work with the information stored in lists on an OLSB site. See how to use the Lists Web service to retrieve items in a list and to add items to a list. This will also cover using the BCM Web services.

Module 8: Working With Documents on an Office Live Small Business Site

See how to download documents from an OLSB site. After making changes to the documents, see how to upload them back to the site. See two different techniques you can use to accomplish this task.

Module 9: Building Business Mashups on Office Live Small Business

Content will be based on the OLSD Developer Kit.

Module 10: Demonstration & Sample Code: Northwind Inn “v2”

Update the Northwind Inn V1 source code to support OLSB V2 and new features.

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