Vista bonuses for Partners

The sales opportunity – Customers who purchased OEM XP and Vista in 2007

Where you have customers who have purchase new PCs with OEM XP or Vista in 2007, for a limited period, you can attach SA to these licences (The usual limit is 90 days after purchase).  This allows to customers to upgrade to Windows Vista Enterprise edition and gain other Software Assurance benefits, all for the price of the SA cover only.

With Software Assurance, you get an annual revenue stream and the ability to drive further licensing and services revenue (See awareness and training below)

See here for full details:

Suggested action

Create a list of all of the XP and Vista OEM sales you made in 2007, then call down to these customers and outline the offer, as well as the availability of Vista Service Pack 1 to drive sales.


See how our program to help you sell the Optimised Desktop – Vista, SA and the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) – called Windows Partner Solutions, can drive services and licensing revenue for you, click here. NB: There is a $50 Microsoft voucher for each person who takes this 30  minute training (10 max per partner)

For further details on the Windows Partner Solutions, click here.


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