MDOP Training – Configuring and Supporting MDOP for Medium Sized Companies


This Microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack training is a two-day course to provide an in-depth Instructor Led Training environment for IT professionals to become capable of successfully engaging mid-size organizations (50-500 pcs) in projects involving the use of MDOP to simplify desktop installation and configuration, improve desktop management, and simplify application provisioning and management.   The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) provides new tools to manage software assets, predict and accelerate software deployment and management, enhance IT responsiveness, and increase end-user uptime.

This course discusses topics around concepts, benefits, installing and configuring Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) technologies.  
This course will be an instructor-led walk thru of all of the MDOP components with a focus on specific scenarios relevant for mid-size organizations.   The concepts in the course will be presented with demos and hands-on labs for students to engage with the products.  Upon completion participants should have the base knowledge required to successfully plan and implement the various technologies that make up MDOP.

This course will cover all of the technical topics in the depth that is required for students to walk away with skills for engaging typical mid-size organizations. 

Additional learning to provide a full understanding of the technologies and successful engagement for all customers will be provided in the form of a learning plan to be completed by the students after this training course on an as need basis.

Intended Audience

Engineers and System Integration specialists that are familiar with desktop deployment, network infrastructure, application testing and provisioning, desktop troubleshooting and support, virtualization, and/or general desktop services for mid-sized organizations (50-500 PCs).

Partners that have attained either the Network Infrastructure or Advanced Infrastructure competency as part of the Microsoft Partner Program, or who have registered as Small Business Specialists, are likely to find this course especially useful to their business.


Before Starting this Course participants should be familiar with:

  • Desktop Support and Troubleshooting
  • Application Support and Troubleshooting
  • Group Policy concepts including creating, modifying, supporting, and troubleshooting.
  • The five MDOP components

Before starting this course it would be beneficial to have experience or familiarity with:

  • Licensing Compliance
  • Change Management Process
  • Basic SQL and Operations Manager knowledge
  • Basic Active Directory administrative skills


This course provides nine modules that are listed as:
Module 1: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP):  In this module students will learn what MDOP is and understand the problems that Organizations encounter and the MDOP technologies that can reduce the impact of these problems.
Module 2: Microsoft SoftGrid® Application Virtualization Concepts:  In this module an understanding of application virtualization technology, which will include the benefits of application virtualization.
Module 3: Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization Configuration:  In this module students will acquire the knowledge to plan, install, and administer a SoftGrid infrastructure.


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