Vista and Office 2007 Technet Deployment – Why and How

If you have a Microsoft licensing agreement * there are resources you already have to help explain why and how you can effectively deploy Windows Vista and Office 2007 in your organisation.  Following on from a successful event last year on this topic and as a result of further requests for the need to explain the real business and technical benefits of deployment, this event session will look at the ROI, immediate and long term benefits of deploying Windows Vista and Office 2007 within your organisation.  The content will include an in depth explanation of the deployment tools and support and how to maximise the value of these tools to deploy Windows Vista and Office 2007 effectively.


09.15     Why deploy now?
This session will include a higher level look into Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system now that they have been available for over a year, as well as highlighting the key features including improving productivity

9:45        How to realise the value of your Microsoft investment
This session will delve into the detail of the vision from the first session. We will showcase best practices, benefits and ROI that customers have experienced

10.30     Coffee

10.45     Entitlement and how to activate tools and services
An overview of what is available to help you

11.15     Tools, best practice and methodologies to assist in planning and deploying
Finally a deeper look into some  of the techniques you can use to deploy these technologies in your organisation

11:45     Q&A

12.00     Close

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