Get Office Communicator in Outlook

Julian (the UC and Exchange guru in my team) send around a link to an add-in for Outlook that allows the tight integration of Office Communicator.  Now I can click to call or IM anyone really quickly from Outlook without having to open up the Office Communicator client - Sweet!

To download the client go here:

To install download the file and making sure Outlook is closed, run setup.  Once installation is complete re-open Outlook and then follow these steps to activate the add-in:

  1. From the Outlook menu choose Tools --> Trust Center --> AddIns.
  2. At the bottom choose Manage COM AddIn, Click Go, check the Microsoft.Communicator.Addin checkbox.


Comments (4)

  1. VertigoRay says:

    No need for this since Office 2010 …

  2. Terrance Johnson says:

    Hey, I read your artical and thought that the communicator would be a great idea. I downloaded it, installed it and followed your directions for activation, But all I get is a dark gray box. What did I do wrong?

  3. Josh says:

    this doesnt work mate, google the same thing.  Beta software, everybody is having trouble with it.

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