Customer Satisfaction with Vista

Every year we do customer satisfaction studies to see how the market feels about Microsoft and its products and services.  One of the things we ask them about is Windows Vista and there are some interesting results to take note of.

When we asked IT Pros about their satisfaction with Vista, scores were low with those who were not using the product yet high with those who were using the product. 

Interesting.  There's no denying that Vista has had a difficult time in the press over the last year but I think much of this negative coverage has left a hangover with customer perception.  Many of the reasons for the negative press, things like application compatibility and device driver coverage are things of the past.  The research done in the survey supports this theory.

It also supports what I find talking to customers out there in the field - those who have a negative perception either tried Vista in the early days and had problems or haven't actually tried it and have based their upgrade policy based on what they hear or read in the press.  To those people, I challenge them to have another look. 

The ones who are actually using it are now having positive experiences! I presented to customers last week and asked them who was using Vista - all their hands went up.  "Great", I thought.  Then, the big question - "who's had a good experience with Vista so far" - some hands went down, but some remained up.  To those who put their hands down I asked, "Are these recent bad experiences?" and people were shaking their heads. 

So more hangovers from the first year of Vista there then. 

One of the other things I often get questions about is performance.  People often say to me that XP out performs Vista on their new machine.  Well that should be no surprise really.  Guess what, if you run Windows 2000 on that machine - it will be extremely quick! Quicker still will be Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 will be faster still.  So would you install Windows 3.11 on your machine? No of course not, because although performance is great, you sacrifice security and functionality.  Windows XP will continue to run faster on newer and faster hardware - it's no surprise - but so will Windows Vista. 

After you get over this fact then you can have a discussion about what the security and functionality benefits of Vista are over XP.  You want me to talk about them here?  You should read my blog more often! 🙂

Sorry for the rant, I've been wanting to get that off my chest - I'm done now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Mojave Experiment is now live at and I love it.  As someone

  2. Andre says:

    Great, James!

    I´m using Vista for more than a year now and I´m very satisfied with it and never wanted to look back to XP or another OS. I really don´t know why the press just shout about driver or old software "incompatibility". Looking back the old days, Vista is the most compatible new OS. Of course, in a ecosystem with thousands of different hardware makers, sometimes we found one incompatible…

    Come on ppl… move to the new.

  3. db. says:

    Righteous rant, 2 point deducted because you’re from M$.

    I agree, tho. I use XP all day and Vista in the after hours, and while I don’t miss all the eye candy of Vista in the day time, I did get use to Vista comparative left-handedness from XP.

    Vista difference is not enough to sway the public to switch, it’s a bad time to switch. Everyone is finally getting they can use their computers for more than solitaire and email. I think they’re learning new sites and program features that are enabling them, they’re not ready to pull the base block of their Jenga stack  just yet.

  4. Tahir says:

    I am a regular user of both windows Vista and windows XP. I think, windows vista is improving on daily bases and, for sure, there are some concerns and issues with this new operating system but it will take little bit time to fix all the bugs that it has it.  

  5. Anthony says:

    I have to agree with your assessment of Vista’s perception. I heard all of the negative aspects of Vista in the beginning so I stayed away.  Now that I’ve begun switching the entire office over to it, I’ve only run into a few compatibility issues.  This is due to the fact that the monitors (just two) and particular software are quite old (yet netscape 4.x software still works!)

    Vista BIG plus comes in because it is so easy for developers to develop applications on due to .net framework’s existence.  Other than that and Vista’s tight security, I don’t really see a great big reason why the average email/wordprocessor/chat person needs to move to it.

    Oh yeah and I think you do get -2 also since you work at M$. And I think Win ME was the most compatible OS.

  6. Garrie Daden says:

    Try Windows Vista on a recently purchased, high end, Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop.  Performance is terrible.  I understand that XP is likely to run faster than Vista, however switching to Vista is like going from an automobile to a pushbike.

    For those of us who rely on our computing equipment for productivity, Vista is a defective product. I’m just not sure who robbed me…Dell or Microsoft!

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