Sequencing applications in Microsoft SoftGrid


The more partners I talk to the more they tell me that customers are showing hunger for information on our Application Virtualization technology aka Softgrid.  One of the common questions I'm hearing is how do you "sequence" which means virtualize an application.  The SoftGrid team blog posted some excellent resources including Microsoft Consulting Services' own guide and a collection of Hands On Labs which allow you to connect to our hosted Virtual Machines to try out the technology for free: Microsoft Application Virtualization Hands-on Labs.

Further more, they've just released details on how to sequence Visual Studio 2005 in SoftGrid!  This means that developers can happily run any version of Visual Studio alongside one another - cool!  Here's the post:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you see this post at

  2. james says:

    Hi David

    It’s selling like hotcakes even on top of SA – but yes you are right it would do even better as a seperate product.  The dilemma is that it helps us sell more SA 🙂

    I know the product group in Redmond are considering different ways of selling MDOP in small biz and mid market and a seperate product is being discussed.   Watch this space.


  3. David Phillips says:

    Now, if you’d just let us buy it without needing Software Assurance I think there’d be even more intrest in Softgrid.

    Are there any plans to sell it as a seperate product, as it was when it was bought from Softricity?

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