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When you have Microsoft Certified professionals in your organisation, you can achieve the benefits of increased revenues and customer satisfaction. Your team can be more productive and knowledgeable of high-demand technologies. The result can be projects that are completed on time, within budget, and on target—helping to raise your bottom line.

New Generation Certifications are built the way you need

A new generation of certifications have been created based on extensive feedback from you and your customers, which keeps the number of credentials to a minimum while still allowing individuals to highlight specialisation. This means your valuable IT staff time is used wisely because certifications are now:

Ø Targeted and flexible to reflect specific job roles and enable individuals to achieve skill set goals, choosing a targeted certification path that truly meets their needs

Ø Rigorous and credible with new exam paths that thoroughly validate skill sets and knowledge

Ø Relevant and straightforward to provide real world credentials organised around job skills, best practices, and industry knowledge, and offer a more streamlined certification path

Save with partner exclusive offers while accelerating your certification process

You can take advantage of partner-exclusive, training and certification offers available through Partner Skills Plus. These offers can benefit you by enabling you to become certified more quickly and do so at a savings.

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