Small Businesses are the fastest to adopt Vista

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A new article published by InfoWorld reports that half of businesses are in some phase of upgrading to Windows Vista of which 53% are small businesses.  Other interesting tidbits include:

  • Number of businesses evaluating Vista increased from 29% in Feb 2007 to 48% in November 2007
  • Number of businesses implementing or using Vista went from 12% in Feb 2007 to 35% in November 2007

This is interesting timing given the Vista poll I put out on my blog the other week (thanks to the 80 of you that responded). 

  • 70% of you are using Vista in your businesses
  • 15% are waiting for Service Pack 1
  • 8% are considering moving to another operating system
  • 4% are staying with Windows XP
  • 4% downgraded their new Vista PC to Windows XP

It's good to see the majority of my readers on Vista 🙂 but I would expect that anyway.  I'm more interested in hearing from those of you that said you were either waiting for Service Pack 1, were considering moving OS or were staying with XP.  Let me know your motivation for those choices by leaving a comment on this post or getting in touch via email:

Comments (8)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting point at

  2. james says:

    I’m loving my Polls at the moment so who knows eh?!  What do you mean by end user vs VAR?

  3. Susanne says:

    Hi James,

    Keen to know how many of those using Vista (any version) are doing so because they used their MAPs license key(s) to do so. Given that a large majority of your readers are probably MS Partners, I would be interested to know how the Vista install base resides in the end-user camp compared to VARs.

    I suppose that’s for another poll!


  4. Susanne says:

    End User as in customer and VAR as in Value Adding Reseller

  5. Graeme Smith says:

    We are using exclusively Vista – 6 machines (MAP lcenses) except for one workstation still XPSP2 for easy look up and support.  One of the Vista’s is running SP1RC1 .  All in my local support office.

    There are inumerable virtual images of client setups for testing configurations and they are almost exclusively XP.

    Of 650 or so managed workstations at clients (5 through 60 workstations according to site size)bthere is only ONE Vista workstation.  and only because the LOB application was just certified for Vista and te owner is a geek.

    At every other client the hold back is LOB apps that don’t run, or require such workarounds in security that any advantage gained from going to Vista is negated.

    We are still ordering new XP boxes in blocks of 5 – 10 for replacements for these clients.  Vendors are in no rush to sort out LOB apps for Vista.

    Let’s face it.  XP SP2, well patched behind decent perimeters is pretty secure.

    Why pay more for the extra hardware horsepower to run Vista is a common view.

    That said – after a hard morning on my Vista box – when I sit at a client XP box – it is beginning to look a little old fashioned.  But that is not a business reason to change…..

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