USMT gets a GUI wrapper

The User State Migration Tool (USMT) is what you use to move lots of users from one operating system to another.  It moves files and settings from their old PC to their new one with the minimum of fuss and is a great tool to use when implementing your Vista deployment!

One drawback is that it's a command line tool and whilst this might have some of you clapping and hankering to get your hands on it, others of you might be wishing there was a version with a graphical user interface. 

Well now there is.

Dan Cunningham has come up with this nice looking .NET app that wraps up all that command line loveliness in the an equally pleasing (for some) GUI.  Dan has more details and hat tip to Richard for finding this.

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  1. james says:

    This is true 🙂 I’m waiting with baited breath!

  2. k3davis says:

    Not that it’s actually _available_, but it’s nice work nonetheless.

  3. Dan Cunningham says:

    Heh, cheers for the link. 🙂 No it’s not vapourware, just proving tricky to nab all the bugs. More updates here:

    Cheers, Dan.

  4. Thomas Ehler says:

    We’ve had a GUI for som time…

    Just updated it (and brushed it off) for use with USMT 3.01.

    In this GUI you don’t have to do ANY commandline work.

    Last year I decided to rebuild it under VB6 (Got annoyed with having to install 20Mb of data just before killing the old machines anyway.) so it’s not as fancy looking as Dans 😉

    So USMTGUI installs in about 30 sek. including USMT 3.01 and no reboot is needed.

    I’ve now published it at


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