Problems renewing on the Partner Membership Centre?

The Partner team are having some performance issues with the Partner Membership Center, particularly around the Customer Reference Submission process.  Please see below for details.  For more information on how to renew and what the renewal means for you as a Partner, see my recent Partner TV interview with Emma.


Partners and customers are experiencing time-out errors when performing tasks within PMC, primarily around processing customer references as part of MSPP re-enrollment.

There has been significant impact to the Customer Reference Submission and Customer Reference Approval processes, as well as other areas within the PMC and VMT.

Root Cause:

Currently under investigation.

Affected Partners:

1. Partners attempting to create a new customer reference or assign/re-assign a customer reference.

2. Customers attempting to review and approve a customer reference request on behalf of their partner.

These issues can prevent partners from completing their MSPP re-enrollment, resulting in significant partner and customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

Resolution & Timing:

We are monitoring this issue on a daily basis and we will provide updates as they become available.

PAM Call to Action:

1. Advise Partners who contact you with these issues that Microsoft is aware of the situation and is actively working to resolve it as a High Priority.

2. Check the partner’s account and follow the actions below, for the applicable scenario:

· Scenario A:

a. If the partner has an anniversary date that is less than 45 days away and is currently unable to re-enroll at the same level and with their existing Competencies, please escalate to MSPP Help using this web form for an immediate override.

b. Advise the partner that this will be taken care of within 3 business days.

c. Please be sure to include details of the specific reference and the specialization to which the partner is attempting to assign, in your escalation.

· Scenario B:

a. If the Partner has an anniversary date that is more than 45 days away, please apologize for the inconvenience and let the partner know that we are aware of this issue and we are continuing to work to resolve it.

b. Ask the partner to continue trying to create/assign their customer references.

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